Which Universal Classic Monster deserves a modern-day reboot? (2024)

Why doesn't Last Night in Soho get as much love as Edgar Wright's other movies?

Edgar Wright has delivered a slew of beloved classics the likes of which would make any filmmaker jealous. Between Shaun of the Dead reinventing zombie movies, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World easily taking a spot as one of the best graphic novel adaptations ever, and Baby Driver serving as every car guy's wet dream, his films receive a lot of lip service, and rightly so. But one movie that seems to go overlooked is his most recent cinematic offering, Last Night in Soho. True, it doesn't share the same funny bone as most of his other work, and COVID definitely hurt its box office potential when it was released in 2021, but there's been time for people to see it since, and it's made the rounds on streaming platforms. It oozes style, both visual and narrative, and the performances are stellar. Why doesn't it get more love?

Which Universal Classic Monster deserves a modern-day reboot? (2)

Sydney Ghan

What is your favorite Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

July marks the 21st anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and 18 years since the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest became the number one movie of the year. It has now been seven years since the last voyage of the Black Pearl, and various conflicting reports regarding a new film. In celebration of the franchise's long history, let us know what your favorite movie in the franchise is. What is your favorite memory of seeing the films, and what do you want to see out of the next entry in the franchise?

Are you a fan of slow-burn horror?

I used to be a big fan of mainstream horror releases, such as the Insidious franchise, but when I saw Insidious: The Red Door in theaters last year, I walked out of the theater extremely disappointed. I think I gravitate toward slow-burn horror now more than ever (even if it's still a "mainstream" release), and there are so many great films in the subgenre. I'm a massive fan of Ari Aster, and if you include Midsommar and Hereditary as "slow-burn" horror, then those are some of my favorites (though Beau is Afraid is my favorite project from the filmmaker). I also love The Witch and The Lighthouse from Robert Eggers, along with The Babadook and The Wicker Man (1973). I've heard good things about The Blackcoat's Daughter and I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House from Oz Perkins, which may be a good watch before Longlegs. What is your favorite slow-burn horror film?

Which Universal Classic Monster deserves a modern-day reboot? (6)

David Christopherson

Who's your favorite cinematic Batman?

No comic book superhero has been in more movies than Batman. For three quarters of a century, the Caped Crusader has graced screens both big and small, with a number of wonderful actors taking on the role. My personal favorite Batman movie is The Dark Knight, an opinion I'm sure I'm not alone with. That said, Christian Bale's portrayal, groundbreaking though it may have been, is far from my favorite interpretation of the hero himself. That honor might have gone to Ben Affleck if his Batman weren't such a terrible detective, something I strongly believe to be a core tenet of the character. No, my favorite live-action Batman portrayal is the most recent - I think Robert Pattinson nailed it, giving us the most comic-accurate version yet (although his Bruce Wayne did leave something to be desired). What's your favorite movie version of Batman?

Which Universal Classic Monster deserves a modern-day reboot? (8)

Sydney Ghan


What movie franchises can you just not get into no matter how you try?

For the life of me, I just cannot finish the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie and won’t go any further into the franchise because of it. Compared to Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man’s Chest quickly paces itself at the rate of a snail and I have switched it off - not once, but twice. Another franchise that I just don’t find myself attracted to is The Fast and the Furious. The first one just doesn’t sit right with me in regard to the LAPD. That could have been a great reveal, but it’s told to the audience right away. Picky, I know. I’ve tried to watch the movie three times now in the span of three years or so and just cannot understand the plot choice. I really want to know - what are some franchises that you really tried to get into but can’t?

Which Universal Classic Monster deserves a modern-day reboot? (10)

Salvatore Cento

Are you disappointed that Quentin Tarantino abandoned Star Trek?

Much of the cinematic community and fandom continue to wait with bated breath while Quentin Tarantino mulls the decision of what will be his 10th and quite possibly his final movie. The director imposed the limit on himself so as to avoid tarnishing his legacy in his later years. For one brief, beautiful moment, it seemed like Tarantino might make an exception to his rule in order to put his mark on the Star Trek universe, but he ultimately decided against it. Are you disappointed, and would you still want to see Tarantino do Star Trek, even if it might mean it were his final film ever?

Which Universal Classic Monster deserves a modern-day reboot? (12)

Sydney Ghan

Which Universal Classic Monster deserves a modern-day reboot? (2024)
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