Questions and Answers on Resident Permit Parking Transition (2024)

On July 1, 2024, the City of Salem will begin transitioning its Residential Permit Parking system away from physical stickers and hangtags and into a digital, license-plate based system. This move is intended to coincide with other changes that have been recommended by the Transportation Commission, including updated Resident Parking zones, and revised rates for resident parking. Note that updated rates and zones are still under consideration by City Council and no changes have yet been approved. Keep reading for more information.

Why is the City making this change?

  • The outgoing sticker and hangtag system for Resident Parking was inefficient to both enforce and manage, requiring close visual inspections of each sticker or hangtag by parking enforcement officers and police.
  • Issuing and tracking physical permits across platforms required numerous staff hours in the office to handle resident parking requests and track permits.
  • By shifting to a digital, license plate-based system, the City will be able to use License Plate Reader technology to enforce Resident Parking, improving efficiency and enhancing the City’s ability to effectively enforce the rules in more areas with consistency.
  • The new digital system will be more user-friendly for residents, who can easily access their account online to make changes and updates as needed.
  • Permit management and data analysis will also be improved.

I already have a Resident Parking Permit or Visitor Permit. What does this mean for me?

  • If you bought a Resident Parking Permit or Visitor Permit in the twelve months leading up to July 1, 2024, you will not need to do anything before you renew your permit.
  • Permits will continue to be valid for the term they were purchased, and enforcement will be using a hybrid approach as the changeover to digital permits progresses.

What happens when I need to renew my permit, or buy a new one?

  • Once your current permit expires, or if you do not have one and would like to buy one after July 1, 2024, you will do so online. Visit the Customer Portal to create an account and purchase permits.
  • You will also be able to create a new account and link it to any permits that were purchased prior to July 1, 2024, as these will be imported for you into the new system, managed by Passport. Starting July 1st, we encourage residents to link an account in advance of renewing their permit to make the process more seamless. Follow this link for instructions on how to link a new Passport account to an existing permit.
  • If you have not yet received a link code to link your permits, please reach out to residentparking@salem.comto request your code.
  • For instructions on how to create a new account and purchase a permit, please see this guide to using the Customer Portal.
  • Those that need assistance using the online platform can contact the Parking Office at 978-745-8120 for help purchasing their permits. They may also visit the Parking Office at 1 New Liberty Street, Salem, MA 019170 or the Transportation Department on the second floor of 98 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970.

What do I need to purchase a Resident Parking Permit or Visitor Permit?

  • The requirements for purchasing Resident Parking Permits or Visitor Permits will remain the same. You will be asked to submit an image of your Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration and Proof of Address for verification of eligibility.
  • Please note that permits will not be activated until these documents have been verified.

What if my Resident Parking Zone changes?

  • Note that the proposed zone changes are still under City Council consideration and have not been approved. The following changes will apply should the proposed zones be adopted by Council.
    • Prior to July 1, 2025, your permit will be eligible for both your old zone and your new zone.
    • Please note that the boundaries of your zone may also change, even if your zone letter itself is the same.
    • Starting July 1, 2025, permits will only be valid for use within the boundaries of the new zones. Click here for the proposed zones.
  • Note that Resident Parking Permitholders may only park in the zone that corresponds to their Permit (for example, Resident Parking Permitholders from Zone C may not park in Zone D). This includes during October, when year-round Resident Parking Permitholders may only park in their zone and not in a different year-round zone, nor on the October Resident Parking Streets. Likewise, October Resident Parking Permitholders may only park on October Resident Parking Streets, and may not park on year-round Resident Parking Streets (Zones A through H).

How do the new Resident Permits and Visitor Permits work?

  • Starting July 1, 2024, each Resident Permit will be tied to a specific vehicle’s license plate. This will allow enforcement officers to enforce parking using License Plate Reader technology.
  • You will no longer need to attach a sticker to your car once you purchase or renew a permit after July 1, 2024. Otherwise, the system will work the same as previously
  • Visitor Permits will see more changes.
    • A year-long Visitor Permit (limit two per household) will provide residents with 46 seven-day passes.
    • Each time you have a visitor, you can activate the seven-day pass online through the Customer Portal (instructions for managing Visitor Passes can be found here) and input the license plate information of your visitor.
    • Only one seven-day pass may be activated per Visitor Permit. If you purchase two Visitor Permits you may have up to two seven day passes active at the same time.
    • A seven-day pass may only be applied to one vehicle. If you have a different visitor sooner than the end of the seven-day period, simply cancel the first pass early, and activate a new one with the new visitor’s license plate information.
    • Example: you live on a street in Resident Parking Zone C and register your own vehicle for your Resident Parking Permit. You decide to purchase the two annual Visitor Permits for your address, as well. You have a guest coming for the week and activate one of the Visitor Permits for a seven-day pass. You also have a contractor coming during that week for two days of work, and so you activate the second Visitor Permit for the contractor’s vehicle, but cancel it after the pass has been used for the two days that they are working at your address.

I live on an October Temporary Resident Parking Street. What will change for me?

  • In the past, October Resident Parking permits were either mailed to eligible households or residents visited the Parking Office to receive them. Starting this year (2024) eligible residents will need to register their vehicles online through the Customer Portal to receive their October Resident Parking Permit.
  • These permits will remain free of charge, but you will be required to submit an image of your Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration and Proof of Address for verification of eligibility. October Resident Parking Permits will require proof of address and vehicle registration for verification.
  • October Visitor Parking Permits for those eligible will also be available online (limit one per household). These permits will be active for the month of October, but residents must provide the license plate number that the permit is to be assigned to. Residents may assign the visitor permit to more than one vehicle throughout the month, but only to one vehicle at a time. To change the license plate number for an October Visitor Parking Permit, you can do so via the Customer Portal, free of charge. October Visitor Parking Permits will require proof of an eligible address. A new proposed rate of $30 per October Visitor Parking Permit is under consideration by City Council.
  • Businesses, healthcare and hospice workers, and other non-residents located on or visiting October Temporary Resident Parking streets should contact the Parking Department at 978-745-8120 to obtain an October Parking Permit. A fee of $2 for non-residents to receive a permit for the month is under consideration by City Council.

What should I do if I buy a new car, or otherwise change vehicles?

  • If you purchased your permit beginning on July 1, 2024, you will be able to change the vehicle online through the Customer Portal.
  • Changing a vehicle will require the new vehicle registration for verification.
  • If you purchased your resident parking permit prior to July 1, 2024, and would like to change the vehicle attached to your permit, you must first link a new online account to your existing permit before making this change. This process is detailed HERE.

What are the new proposed rates?

  • Note that no rate changes have yet been approved. The following rate changes were proposed by the Transportation Commission and are currently under consideration by City Council.
    • Year-round Resident Parking Permits would cost $20 per permit per year.
    • Year-round Visitor Permits will cost $30 per year for the first permit and $50 per year for the second permit (limit two per household).
    • October Resident Parking Permits will remain free of charge.
    • October Visitor Parking Permits will cost $30 per October (limit one per household).

What else may change?

  • Note that new passes have not yet been approved. In addition to the updated rates and zones, new pass types are proposed for the following parkers:
    • Non-resident Property Owner: For those that own property but do not reside within a Resident Parking Zone, a Non-resident Parking Permit would be available. This would cost $50 per permit per year and be limited to one per registered vehicle, with no visitor permits issued. Proof of ownership and vehicle registration would be required.
    • Part-time Residents: For those that do not reside full time in Salem, and have a car registered outside of the City, a Part-time Resident Parking Permit would be available. This would cost $30 per permit per year, with no visitor permits issued. Proof of address and vehicle registration would be required.
Questions and Answers on Resident Permit Parking Transition (2024)


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For information on reserved parking spaces, please contact the parking office at (978) 745-8120. To request parking enforcement, you may call the Parking Office at 978-745-8120 during their enforcement hours, which are Monday through Saturday, 8 AM-6PM and Sunday, 12PM-6PM.

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